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In the banner photo, Rando Chris enjoys eastern North Carolina during the RUSA 400K, Sept 1, 2014.
Thanks to Rando Bryan for permission to use his photo.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

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  1. Hi there, I also have one: This is CA oriented, and mostly rando with a few camping trips and/or fun rides thrown in.

  2. Hi Juliayn,
    Thanks for submitting your blog. Done.

  3. Please add my blog to the list (Wisconsin). I'll be updating it and adding several posts shortly.


  4. Thanks Greg, I added your blog.

  5. I notice that this doesn't seem to update very often. My blog shows the most recent post at 3 months, when in fact it is just a week or so. Is there a system to this?

  6. Hi Lonnie,
    Hmm. I see what you mean. I couldn't find anything wrong in the blog widget which sorts by dates. As a guess, I removed your blog, then added it back in again. I'll watch it.


    1. Thanks, and Thank You for keeping up this site. It helps to know who is active in the community!